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Better-than-the-honeymoon Wedding Favors

Paper Orchids. Source: http://elli.com
Paper Orchids. Source: http://elli.com

“I now pronounce you man and wife” Now, the guests are headed to the reception (even those who weren’t at the ceremony) and will sit on their respective spots, where the wedding favors you chose will be awaiting them. Or maybe you haven’t chose them and are looking for options. Don’t worry, “Regalos and Gifts” is here to help you. Such small presents can leave...


We are not that complicated… the best gifts for men you can give

  • Scratch Map
    Scratch Map
  • Camera Lens Mug
    Camera Lens Mug
  • USB Mug Warmer
    USB Mug Warmer
  • Tattoo Sleeves
    Tattoo Sleeves
  • Cryptex
  • Swiss Army Knife
    Swiss Army Knife
  • Chocolate Pizza
    Chocolate Pizza
  • Love Message with Cubes
    Love Message with Cubes
  • Hearth Photo Montage
    Hearth Photo Montage
  • Naughty Knot
    Naughty Knot

We all love to get gifts. The thrill of receiving a surprise from someone special and finding out what it is that’s in our possession, is a feeling that doesn’t last long, and worst of all, it can turn to dust if what we find is a gift we don’t like. As the title suggests, we men are not that complicated to receive gifts, but...